Working Group for Neutron Detectors at FRIB

n-gamma discrimination

About the Group

There are several collaborations working on neutron detection systems for a variety of physics objectives. These neutron detection devices will be used at various facilities in North America and form the basis for experiments at FRIB involving neutron detection.

This website is meant as a place to collect documentation concerning the various experimental devices as shown and discussed at FRIB user workshops. At present, the following devices/collaborations are represented. Contact persons are also listed:

  • LANA (Large-Area Neutron Array)
    • M. Famiano (WMU) -
  • MoNA-LISA (Modular Neutron ARRAY - Large Area Multi-Institutional Scintillator Array)
    • M. Thoennessen (NSCL/MSU) -
    • P. DeYoung (Hope College) -
  • VANDLE (Versatile Array of Neutron Detectors at Low Energy)
    • J. Cizewski (Rutgers U.) -
    • W. Peters (ORAU) -
  • LENDA (Low-Energy Neutron Detector Array)
    • R. Zegers (NSCL/MSU) -
  • DESCANT (Deuterated Scintillator Array for Neutron Tagging)
    • P. Garrett (Guelph) -
  • 3Hen (HRIBF digital beta-delayed neutron detector)
    • K.P. Rykaczewski -
  • NERO (Neutron Emission Ratio Observer)
    • F. Montes -



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